Glass Tube Rotameter

Glass Tube  Rotameter
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Product Description

Glass Tube Rotameter :

We provide the most advanced quality range of Glass Tube Rotameter which is known in the market for their high accuracy and performance. We design our products using international technology and well verify them on several quality parameters. Our products are highly reliable, advanced, best in reading, accurate in measurements and are available at the nominal price range.

Defination : Glass Tube Rotameter 


The Glass Tube Rotameter with Flanges are relatively simple and reliable instruments for measuring continuous flow rate indication.


Manufacturing Process:


This Glass Tube Rotameter consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated with tapered Glass tube, with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range. Glass Tube field are replicable without disturbing the end connection.


End Connection : Generally, End connection, some times called as a Top-Bottom Connection or Inlet-Outlet connection, fitted with suitable line size flanges, in a grade of Stainless Steel 304 /316 or MS or PP material.


How it works:


Your line fluid raises the float in tapered Glass Tube area, increases as float moves upward, thereby showing the exact (Increasing) flow in the glass tube.




Glass Tube Rota meter are generally used for, measuring the flow Range of  Air, Water, Chemical and Gases.


Specifications :Glass Tube Rotameter With Flanges

Type Glass Tube Rotameter With Flanges
Metering Tube Borosilicate Taper Glass Tube
Casing /Protection M.S./ .S.S / Aluminium Casing from 2 sides, Guard for Glass tube and 
clear acrylic front & back with suitable Top-Bottom Flanges
Scale Engraved on Milky White Acrylic scale
Gland Packing PTFE, Silicon, Neoprene
Accuracy ( + / - 2% ) On Full Scale Display
Float SS 304 / SS 316 / Teflon
Inlet/outlet Bottom to Top
End Connection Flange Size ASA 150 Class , Slip On, of SS.304 / SS 316 / MS
Service Specify or As per Buyer Choice
Operating Pressure Normal / As per requirement
Operating Temp. 80 Deg.C
Material SS.304 / SS.316 / MS
Rangeability 10 : 1
Line size ½” to 4”
Flange MOC SS 304/ SS 316 / MS IN ASA 150 CLASS RF, SORF
Float MOC SS 304 / SS 316 / TEFLON
Measuring Units LPH / LPM / M3HR

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