Inclined Tube Manometer

Inclined Tube Manometer
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Product Description

We assure the most advanced and reliable products for various commercial and industrial uses. We supply high quality range of  Inclined Tube Manometer which is manufactured under the supervision of experts. They are best in specifications and are high in demand. We ensure the most reliable products which are high in performance, easy to use and are reasonable in price range.


Defination : Inclined Tube Manometer : Range from 0 - 10 MM WC To 0 - 100 MM WC


The Inclined Tube Manometer is a scientific device, used to measure a very low pressure of liquid & gases. It is more suitable for measuring, very low pressure measurements or where greater accuracy is required. This Inclined Tube Manometer is made by Acrylic or Plastic body.


Working Principle :


For measuring the pressure, one tube of the inclined tube manometer forms into a reservoir & the other tube of the manometer is inclined, as per its required angle. After giving the pressure on its reservoir, which are filled with the suitable liquid, shows the changes, in the heights of the other tube or angle, of the Inclined Tube Manometer.

Measuring Accuracy : 

The accuracy of measuring the pressure in the Inclined Tube Manometer, is easier for the Reader or end user , as he only judging or measuring, the pressure gives on its reservoir area, filled with the suitable liquid, of the Inclined Tube Manometer, which cause the liquid or Water or Mercury , to reach its require height in its single or angle tube area , of the Inclined Tube Manometer


Features :

Clear, 25 mm drilled and Reamed Unbreakable acrylic block. Precision machined reservoirs and indicating column insure high accuracy. Zeroing is easy, using the sliding milky white scale, inbuilt preset spirit level for accurate mounting.


Specifications :

Inclined Manometer : Range 0-10 MM WC To 0-100 MM WC

Mounting :

Wall / Flush / Base Mounting

Filling :

Mercury / Water

Resolution :

1 mm

Wetted Parts :

SS 304, SS 316, PP, PTFE

Packing :

Neoprene, PTFE, Silicon

Scale :

PVC, Aluminum, SS Engraved

Rangeability :

10 : 1

End Connection :

Threaded type , BSP / NPT, Male / Female

Max. Temp

Up to 80°C

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