Ultra Isolation Transformers

Ultra Isolation Transformers


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Noise Cut-off (Ultra Isolation) Transformer cuts off noise, so your machine can perform with musical perfection.



All the types of electrical noises, predominantly common mode noises can be eliminated by Ultra Isolation Transformers. Since it isolates primary and secondary or separates neutral to ground bond on the secondary side, can be used to create separately derived source to combat current loops.

The Ultra Isolation Transformers are available in different levels of noise attenuation capabilities. The most commonly used are 100 & 120 dB. The coupling capacitance between primary and secondary is direct 1:1 relationship with dB levels. Some of the graphs herewith indicate different types of electrical noises observed in typical Engineering Industries & successfully eliminated



  • Protect Computers, CNC Machines and Telecommunication equipments from damage due to electrical noises, spikes etc.
  • If ground potential of system units are different from each other and are exposed to the effects of instability at high frequencies.
  • If ground of the equipment cannot be earthed.
  • To shield large number of electronic equipments which individually are producing different types of electrical noise at a common busbar typically CNC machines, Drives, Hardening equipment etc. The use of NCT, being bidirectional, prevents damage due to circulating noise interference within them.
  • To Protect against strong lightening, impulse noise, bus short-circuit, accidental discharge of capacitors
  • When multiple Noise Cut-off transformers are used, the suppression effects increase in proportion. Therefore, the effects of cascading Noise Cut-off Transformers is remarkable.

Elecrical Noises are Generated due to :

  • Switching of electrical utilities like Capacitors, MCCBs, ACB\'s...etc. Larger the inductance of the system and larger the current change during switching, larger the magnitude of electrical noises.
  • The inductive loads like big Motors, Compressors, Overhead Cranes, Elevators, Presses etc. also generates substantial switching noises.
  • Switching equipments like Invertors, Converters, SMPS etc. generate electrical noises due to switching of Thyristors, Transistors, Relays etc.
  • Welding systems pollutes earthing systems, adds notches and high frequency noises in the wave form, generating power quality anomalies.
  • Lightening, precipitation of static charges and electrical discharges in the atmosphere are the natural cause of generation of various electrical noises.


  • Electrical noises are observed to occur over a wide band of frequency ranging from 1 KHz to 100 MHz and above. In magnitude observed to be as high as 4000 to 6000 Volts on 3 phase supply system.
  • The high frequency noise can interfere with digital electronic equipments causing untraceable data errors, change of programme, loss of memory, erratic behaviour, etc.
  • The high voltage spikes can cause the failure of Thyristors or Transistor, Micro Processors and other sensitive devices.
  • The radiated noise can interfere in operation of remote control equipment like Cranes, Digital Controls or Telecom Equipments.
  • Lightening, precipitation of static charges and electrical discharges in the atmosphere are the natural cause of generation of various electrical noises.

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