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Poppet Type Solenoid Valves
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Product Description

Poppet Type Solenoid Valves

"We are considered as one of the leading names engaged in offering our clients with a comprehensive range of Poppet Type Solenoid
• Dust proof construction
• Inbuilt quick exhaust system
• Inbuilt silencer
• Original design
• Electrolyzes processing to the magnetic parts
• Efficient working
• Common Exhaust
• Connector type coil connection
• Hard Surface treatment on Aluminum Alloy by exclusive 'Bimetal' Process.
• Sub plate mounting
• quick response time
• Continuous duty coil
• Long life
• All metallic parts are burnished by multi master machine to increase the fatigue strength
• Easy to install and maintain
• Compact in size
• Manual Actuator for emergency setting and trials
Oil data Ac Gw Dc 8w
• Voltage Tolerance +-15%
• Operational efficiency 100%
• Frequency tolerance 2% (50hz /60 hz)
• Ambient temperature 35degc
• Coil can be turned 360 deg
• 100% leak proof
• Noiseless working
• No wear and tear
• Modular puppet system
• No sliding parts
• Piping on sub plate
• Robust construction
• Booster orifice for exhaust
• Good flow condition
• Mount in any position
• Encapsulated coil
• Working test at 900 operations per minute
• Elegant in look
• working test at 900 operations per minute
• Elegant in look
• Endurance test at 2000 operations per minute
• Friction free working
• No needed of manifold
• Interchangeability of parts
• High speed working
Standard Voltage
Ac 2448110 230250
Dc 6122448110
Other voltages on demand"

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