Flu - Con Enterprises, was established in the year of 2001 as a Manufacture,Wholesale,supply and Export firm dealing in various Thermosetting & Thermoplastic Mouldings Products, which includes various Nylon Straight Cable Glands, Flexible Conduit Pipe Gland Suitable, PG Threaded Nylon Flexible Cable Glands, Spiral Cable Glands Metric And PG Threads, Corrugated Pipe Glands, Flexible Cable Glands MM Threaded, Cable Hooks And Spacers, Air Vent Flush Mounted With Snap Fit, Line Taps, Branching Terminal.


As a manufacture and exporter we have put necessary systems in place and are a system driven organisation with necessary organisational structure from top level management to trainee level employee. We have put in necessary  infrastructure equipped with all necessitates for our business. The entire infrastructure can be categorized into different units, which include different departments, shops and facilities.

Corporate Profile

Founded by Mr. F. B. Pinto & Richard D'souza in the year 1982 for manufacture and delivery of effective engineering products. Companies in the group include Messers Flu-con Enterprises and Messers Dylon Fastners Pvt. Ltd.
  • Currently we are certified ISO 9001-2008 certified company, involved in thermosetting & industrial polymers, SMC, DMC, bakelite mouldings, tool mould design and development
  • Plastic mouldings for various industries ranging from machinery and equipment manufacture, measuring and control electronic, automation electrical and robotics
  • DMC mouldings. for switchgear, control panel, electrical transformers, SMC mouldings for switchgear industry, railways & automobile industry
  • We are equipped with an in house tool & die machine shop, maintained and operated by engineers committed to quality
  • Have in-house screen printing and pad printing facilities well equipped for production of industrial articles in the F 5gms to 1200gms
  • Manufacture polyamide cable ties, nylon conduit pipes, cable glands, plastic bushes, D caps, polycarbonate meter windows, meter housings, delrin collar bushes, rotary joints PA 6 & 6/6 housings for pneumatic industry, copper bus bar insulators, panel door knobs, hinges, handles, ventilators, pneumatic connectors, brass / copper / steel insert moulded components, brass neutral links & bases
  • SMC, DMC, neutral link bases, copper bus bar support and insulators. DMC, spacers, sheets in various sizes as whole and in perquisite S and sizes
  • We do thermoforming in plastics like acrylic, PEX, polycarbonate, peek, pen etc. as per your requirements

Manufacturing Facility

In-House Tool and Die Machine Shop
  • Injection moulding facility
  • In-House Screen Printing and Pad Printing Facilities
  • These units are facilitated with advance machines that assist us in the manufacturing process. Some of the machines, which we make use of includes the following:
  • ​L & T demag Moulding machine
  • 250 ton high speed moulding machine
  • Italian Extruders
  • Molding machines

All the manufacturing and other facilities allow us to produce industrial products within the range of 5 gm to 850 gm. With our exhaustive infrastructure we have earned specialization in fulfilling the requirements of our clients.

Our Clients

With our Products CE certified and conforming to ROHS, Reach etc, we have earned a huge client base, spread all across India and the Globe.

Some of our honorable clients:

  • ABB Ltd.
  •  Indian Railways
  •  L & T Ltd.
  •  Siemens Ltd.
  •  Tata Yakazi Motors
  •  BEL & BHEL

Quality Assurance

To achieve our aim/vision and mission Flu-Con has made appropriate investment in setting up and implementation of quality policy and system based on ISO 9001: 2008.

Flu-Con has  necessary, qualified trained personnel to implement these procedures and get the desired result for our products. 

We have invested in testing equipments and have established test procedures and product parameters so that our products confirm to the international standards to which they are designed eg,. IEC,BSEN, AFNOR etc. 

Our Promoters

In the past decades, the company has earned high success rate in meeting its clients’ requirements with quality products. One of the main factors of this hard-earned success is the continuous guidance and supervision of our skilled mentors. Our mentors make sure that every operation of our business proceedings is smooth and efficient. A brief description of our promoters is cited below:

  • Mr. Richard D'Souza, BE (Electrical), Senior Partner. He has forty four years of vast experience in the industry
  • Mrs. Leena D'Souza, proprietor of Dylon Fasteners and partner of Flu-Con Enterprises, Senior Partner
  • Mr. Dylan D'Souza, Mech. Engg., Managing Partner. He has twelve years of profound experience in the company’s manufacturing activities
  • Mrs. Sunitha D'Souza, Diploma Computers. She has the responsibility of looking after administration and order executions


Further to this our promoters have taken in external investors and share holders who are committed towards the growth of the company.

 Our major stake holders are:

  1. Applause Information service UK
  2. Manzoor Hussain Patankar
  3. Naushad AliPatankar
  4. Mark Jacinto
  5. Aslam Patankar

Products Profile

The assortments of various products available with us include different Nylon Cable ties, Nylon Flexible Cable Glands, Nylon Flexible Conduit Pipes, Flexible Pipe Adapter, Moulded Product, Blow Hammer, Industrial Connector, Cable Connector, Cable Gland and Control Panel Accessories. These products are widely used in various applications including automation, electrical, robotics, electrical transformers, and many more. Few of the salient features of these products are cited below:

  • Accurate dimensions
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Close manufacturing tolerances
  • Simple to operate
  • High efficiency
  • Durability
  • Robust construction
  • Safe to use