Lined Boring Machine

Lined Boring Machine
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Product Description

Line Boring machines cut the inside of a bore to enlarge its diameter. Boring machines are developed to make a bore in the shortest time and produce the highest possible surface finish and tolerances.

A boring machine bores holes in heavy construction equipment such as cranes and end loaders, and is very economical equipment. A portable boring machine is a flexible, powerful, and easy to use machine that is available with a pneumatic or hydraulic drive.

Technical Specifications

Maximum Length of Block 1545 mm
Distance from Built in parallells to Boring Bar

815 mm
515 mm
Boring Capacity
With standard boring bars
With extra boring bars of 22 mm and 60 mm dia.
Spindle Speeds (rpm)

34-750 mm
26-225 mm
infinitely variable
from 50-750 rpm in
to steps
Feed Both Directions
(Automatic and manual) Finishing

0.15 mm
0.04 mm
Maximum Travel of Boring Bar 325 mm
Additional Travel with Extensio Bar (extra equipment) 260-325 mm
Drive Motor (440V, 500) Three Phase
(other standard voltage available on request)
Length of Machine

3550 mm
Width of Machine 760 mm
Width of Bed 570 mm
Maximum Height of Machine 2200 mm
Work Speed Required 5050 x 1760 mm
Net Weight 1700 kg (approx.)
Gross Weight 2200 kg (approx.)

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