Metal Body Low Flow Glass Tube Rotmeter

Metal Body Low Flow Glass Tube Rotmeter
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Product Description

As an ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company, We are the best provider of Metal Body Low Flow Rotameter In Glass Tube and are widely supplied to various national and international clients’ at the most attractive market price range.


Defination : Metal Body Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameter ments, for reading of continuous flow rate indication, in the Glass tube area of the rotameter.


Manufacturing Process:

Metal Body Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameter consists of a vertical mounted, calibrated with tapered Glass tube, with float inside and a scale directly calibrated as per flow range. This flow meters are provided with flow control valve at the entry point, to control the flow , as per your asking range. It also comes with an Aluminium encased body, to provide safety, to the Glass tube area.

Flow Control valve :

These flow meters or Metal Tube Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameter, are provided with the Flow control valve / Needle Valve, at the entry point of the rotameter, to control the flow of the fluid, as required.

End Connection :

Generally, it comes with a Back or Rear connection, also known as a Top - Bottom Connection or Inlet & Outlet connection of the Rotameter, fitted with a suitable Screwed or Nozzle Connection, as per your asking line size, required.

How It Works :

Your line fluid raises the float in tapered in a Glass Tube Area, increases float moves upward, thereby showing the exact (Increasing) flow in the Glass Tube area.The flow can be
control by the Flow Control valve or Needle Valve, at the entry point of the Glass Tube Rotameter, as per your required asking range.

Available ranges : 0.5 LPM to 5.00 LPM or more or as per buyer's requirment.

Uses :

Metal Body  Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameter, are generally used for, measuring the continues flow range of Air, Water,chemical, Gases, Etc.




Metal Body Low Flow Glass tube Rotameter


Metal Body  Low Flow Glass Tube Rotameter, with Flow Control Valve or Needle Valve

Metering Tube

Borosilicate tapered Glass Tube

Needle Valve MOC

SS 304 / SS 316


Milky white acrylic with suitable printing color

Gland Packing



( / - 2% to 5% ) On Full Scale Display


SS 304 / SS 316 / Teflon


Bottom to Top


Threaded of SS.304 / 316, Nozzle / Screwed, Size, in BSP or NPT, Male or Female.


Specify or As per Buyer Choice

Operating Pressure

Normal / As per requirement

Operating Temp.

80 Deg.C

Float Material

SS.304 / SS.316 / Teflon

All wetted Parts

SS.304 / SS.316


10 : 1

Line size

Up to 1”

Float MOC

SS 304 / SS 316 / TEFLON

Measuring Units


Nozzle / Screwed MOC

SS 304 / SS 316


Neoprene, PTFE, Silicon

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