U Tube ManoMeter Range 400-0-400

U Tube ManoMeter Range 400-0-400
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Product Description

U Tube Manometer in Glass Tube, Range : 400-0-400 MM WC 

Our superior range of U Tube Manometer in Glass Tube , Measuring Range is 400-0-400 MM WC is devised mfg in our advanced unit using sophisticated methods. These equipments are high in demand and are largely used in various industrial sectors. They measure accurate pressure and level of flow. We assure well tested products which are highly reliable and are available in the market at the most profitable price range.


Defination :U Tube Manometer in Glass Tube, Range : 400-0-400 MM WC

U Tube Manometer is a scientific device, used to measure pressure of liquids & gases. It detects pressure, change by means of liquid or fluid or mercury, in both the height of the tube, of the U Tube Manometer.


Working Principle:

For measuring the pressure, filled the liquid like mercury or watrer or any other liquids, in both tubes of the U shaped Acrylic or Glass Tube, in a equal area & after giving the pressure on one tube which makes difference in the both the tube, causes the liquid to reach different heights in the both tubes. Increase in the liquid level in one tube, is directly decrease in level in the other tube. This difference between the heights of the liquid in each tube, is helps us to measure the pressure of fliud or gases.


Measuring Accuracy : 

The accuracy of measuring the pressure , in each tube of the U-tube manometers, is largely dependent on the skill of the end user or reader, in judging the difference, in height of the liquids or weter or mercury, in each tube of the ,U Tube Manometer. 


Features :

Clear, Glass Tube Body with suitable back cover for higher safty standards, and indicating column insure high accuracy. Zeroing is easy, using the sliding milky white scale, for accurate mounting.

Specification : U Tube Manometer in Glass Tube, Range : 400-0-400 MM WC


U – Tube Mano Meter In Glass Tube, Range 400-0-400 MM WC


400-0-400 MM WC / HG


Wall / Flush / Base Mounting

Indicating Tube

Glass Tube Body


Neoprene / PTFE / PVC

back Cover

Aluminum, Zink / Powder Coted MS Body, SS Body or as per Buyer Choice

Wetted Parts

SS 304 / SS 316 / PVC / PP


PVC, Aluminum, SS Engraved


Mercury / Water


1 mm

Max. Temp :

Up to 80°C


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